Vispring Bedstead Distinction Mattress

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Vispring Bedstead Distinction Mattress
  • 2450 Hand Nested Pocket Springs
  • Horsehair Layer
  • Hand Teased Fillings
  • Bamboo
  • Shetland Wool and British Fleece Wool
  • Cotton Layer
  • Air Vents
  • 30 Year Guarantee
  • Choice Of Firmness

The Bedstead Distinction is a beautifully handcrafted, luxurious mattress. Featuring a blend of natural fillings including British Certified Platinum Wool, horsehair, cotton and of course the Vispring speciality calico pocket springs.

2450 Hand Nested Pocket Springs - Visprings handcrafted pocket springs are manufactured from the finest Vanadium steel. Each spring is placed into a natural cotton calico pocket and hand nested into a honeycomb pattern increasing the breathability through the mattress whilst still offering elite levels of comfort, strength and support. 

Horsehair Layer - This is the longest natural fibre taken from the horse's mane and is a key component of this model, the contribution of horsehair to the pocket springs adds to the elite comfort level as the fibre has the ability to bounce back after compression allowing your mattress to keep its shape. 

Hand Teased Fillings - This meticulous process ensures an even distribution of fillings, by gently separating fibres by hand, this enhances the inherent attributes of natural fillings. Helping to enhance breathability throughout the mattress, regulating temperature and ensuring a fresh feel each night.

Bamboo - Bamboo is naturally resistant to fungi, pests, and bacteria. This helps to dampen any allergies whilst keeping your mattress clean. Known for its exceptional absorptive properties, bamboo will wick away moisture to ensure you wake up feeling refreshed.

Shetland Wool and British Fleece Wool - 100% Platinum certified real wool is used in this mattress. This sustainable, top quality, the natural filling has been cleaned and gently nestled within this mattress. Enhancing insulation and breathability, this filling keeps the mattress cool in summer and nice and toasty during winter. 

Cotton Layer - The cotton layer within this mattress helps further enhance the support given by the spring unit and improves breathability.

Air Vents - Allowing for temperature regulation and air circulation, these chrome vents ensure your mattress keeps that fresh feel and an overall luxury presence resulting in a blissful nights sleep. 

30 Year Guarantee - If you have any further questions about the Vispring range will be grateful to receive your enquiry and will issue a response as soon as possible.

More Information
Guarantee 30 Years
Mattress Type Pocket Sprung, Natural Fillings
Is Fabric No
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