Vispring Bedstead Imperial Mattress

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Vispring Bedstead Imperial Mattress
  • 1720 Hand-nested pocket springs
  • Wool Spring Layer
  • Hand Teased Fillings
  • 2 Row hand stiching
  • Air Vents
  • Choice of firmness
  • 30 Year guarantee

1720 Hand Nested Calico Pocket Springs - Vispring are the only bed manufacturer who produce their own pocket springs, each spring is then hand nested into a cotton calico pocket and formed into a honeycomb structure this ensures the springs are evenly distributed throughout the mattress to allow for optimal support and relaxation whilst you sleep. 

Bamboo Layer - The Bedstead Imperial mattress features bamboo which is a fantastic natural product with exceptional properties perfect for any mattress, it has a natural resilience bacteria, pests and fungi providing a natural anti-allergenic barrier, as a exceptionally absorbent product it will keep away moisture ensuring a blissful nights sleep. 

Horsehair Layer - Taken from the horse's mane, this is the longest natural fibre and is certainly a key component in this mattress, certain specialists state that adding horsehair to a mattress is like adding another layer of springs as the fibre has natural bounceback after compression it helps keep your mattresses shape whilst offering exceptional comfort. 

Wool Spring Layer - As this mattress is part of the Bedstead Collection this features an additional wool spring layer built into either side of the pocket springs, this is to allow for the possible wear and tear of being on a slatted bed base

3 Row Hand Stitching - As the most complex process in the manufacturing of this mattress this is only carried out by the most experienced craftsmens, using long needles and 100% natural twine the outer layer of springs are secured to the mattress borders, this process prevents spring distortion and ensures the sleeping area on the mattress is extended right to the edge. 

Seasonal Turn -  To ensure even settlement of your fillings to keep the levels of support and comfort you’ll experience with any Vispring model this requires turning every three to four months, this will prolong the life of your mattress.

Choice of firmness -To avoid disappointment, VIspring offers a selection of firmnesses, Soft, Medium, Firm or Extra Firm, ensuring there is a tension to suit you, and with choice of comfort at your fingertips breakfast in bed will never be the same again. 

30 Year guarantee - Boasting the superior manufacturing of this mattress, Vispring are so confident in the quality they provide a 30 year guarantee.

More Information
Guarantee 30 Years
Mattress Type Pocket Sprung, Natural Fillings
Is Fabric No
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